Our mission is to deliver innovative productions within specified constraints of budget and timeframe that exceed client expectations.


FITZAIR specialise in all major and indepentent productions. That is developing a project from concept, through to delivery and dubs.


FITZAIR specialise in both traditional aerial helicopter camera mounts and various Drone technologies.



The Fitzair Aerial Photography’s crew are amongst the most experienced in the industry and due to Chris’ ‘hands on’ approach we can take almost any filming project from concept to completion and make it work for everyone.


As a renowned business FITZAIR had years developing the teamwork and communication skills that enable us to get the shot​ your production needs.


The success of your production MATTERS to us, and our experience has taught us that one of the best ways to ensure a smooth production is to leverage our commitment by investing in the best handheld and aerial cinematography technology that’s available​.


In the production world, there’s no substitute for on-set experience. Our dynamic and capable teams have been working on big commercial production as well as agile adventure-oriented sets that need to move and adapt quickly​.